Would you want to hire this person?

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Company A is your dream company.  Hundreds of thousands of people would love to work for this company.  They get 1,000,000 resumes each year.  For years you have researched, studied, and followed this company.  You paid $500 to have your resume re-written to impress their recruiting team.  You even went back to school to make yourself more marketable.  The lead recruiter from Company A has a very important job opening.  They want someone with YOUR exact experience.  The recruiter logs in to their corporate LinkedIn account and performs a keyword search in hopes to find the perfect candidate.  Your profile pops up along with 50 other potential candidates (It is a highly specialized role).  Keep in mind that all the recruiter is able to see before clicking any of the 50 names is the photo, name, headline, and city/state.  Your LinkedIn heading is the only one without a photo.   Do you think the recruiter will …

A) Click on your profile to read more about your work experience

B) Look over your profile and move on to the next candidate

The answer is B!

Your LinkedIn profile is 11 times more likely to be viewed with a profile photo than without an uploaded photo.

In 2012, TheLadders conducted an eye-tracking heat map study that found that when recruiters are looking at your LinkedIn profile, they spend 19% of their time looking at your picture. Much less time is spent on your skills or past work experience. This goes to show that your picture plays a very large role in whether you’re able to spark a recruiter’s interest enough to reach out to you.

You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars for a photographer to take a professional LinkedIn photo of you.  In fact, my current LinkedIn profile picture (www.linkedin.com/in/erinareed/) is one that my colleague took of me inside of our office building.

Although your photo does not have to be taken BY a professional, it should BE professional.  To learn more about the Do’s and Don’ts of your LinkedIn photo, check out my next blog post.


Erin Reed is a Career Coach and Motivator. On a daily basis she provides students and professionals with practical career advice. Erin loves helping people sell their successes and avoid job search blunders. She is living her dream of helping others make their lives more fulfilling through career satisfaction.

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2 comments on “Would you want to hire this person?
  1. Derrick says:

    How old of a picture can you use as your LinkedIn photo before having to take a new one?

    • Erin says:

      Very good question! I think that it is a good idea to keep the same photo as long as possible because it is important for your profile maintain that familiarity factor. However, if you have a major change in appearance or 2 years have passed it is a good idea to go ahead and update your photo.

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