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Advertising on the Reed Ground Rules blog is an excellent resource for spreading the word about your products and services!

Advertising space is available in different sizes and visual, audio and video ads will be accommodated. Advertising content must be suitable for all ages and Erin reserves the right to reject specific advertising content. Advertising rates will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Advertisement space is reasonable priced and can be purchased using three different price structures:

Flat Rate:

$100 per month per static (size) advertisement.

$150 per month per video/audio (size) advertisement.

Per Click:

$.05 per click on static (size) advertisement link.

$.075 per click on video/audio (size) advertisement / link.

Per Impression:

$.XX per 1,000 impressions per static (size) advertisement link.

$.0XX per 1,000 impressions per video/audio (size) advertisement / link.

Hybrid Plan

Make your own advertising rate plan by combining rates in a reasonable fashion.

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