About Reed Ground Rules

When was the last time you…

Interviewed for a job?

Updated your resume?

Asked for a raise?

Have your skills have gotten a little shabby?

If it has been a while since you have done any of these things, then it is time for you to dive in to the Reed Ground Rules (RGR) Career Blog.  In this ultra-competitive professional world, it is necessary to strengthen your game if you want to stand out.  RGR will help you to do that.

Why Read the RGR Blog?

It’s so easy to get comfortable with the status quo in your day to day life without paying much attention to the development and growth of your professional self.   My goal is for RGR to be your online destination for learning the rules to the career game.  My posts are designed to sharpen your skills in a wide variety of career areas and to provide an open forum for questions and discussion.

What will you cover in your blog?

Reed Ground Rules will arm you with the tools you need to take your dreams and turn them into reality.  I will cover politics in the workplace, LinkedIn, resumes, interviews, cover letters, how to get promoted, breaking the glass ceiling, juggling work and family, managing your boss, offer negotiation, getting promoted, and well you see now that I could go on and on.  On occasion, I will also post a “Desktop Dialogue” discussion.  This is your chance to share your thoughts with me on current events.

I look forward to learning and growing with you!

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